Overlord LN Volume 14 Chapter 1 Full Chapter ( Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

Overlord Light Novel Volume 14 Chapter 1 Part 1

A big swig of ale was taken from a mug that was almost overflowing.

This wont to be a beverage he had no chance of obtaining back in his demesne, but nowadays the taste of first-class booze flowing down his throat felt only too familiar.

He noisily belched out the sweet fragrance of the ale as he set down the massive mug, with half its contents still remaining, back onto the table. If this was one among those wooden mugs he was so wont to , he would’ve slammed it on the table without an idea , but he wouldn’t dare do so with the porcelain stuff.

However, albeit he did break the mug he wouldn’t need to buy it, after all, this bar was specially prepared by his secret supporter, Hilma Cygnaeus. Everything was freed from charge for any of the nobles he would send to the present place, this even extended to their guests.

This kind of investment was to be expected for somebody who’s destined to become a strong noble like him, Baron Philip Dayton L’Eyre Montserrat.

All he had to try to to was to point out his gratitude and repay her for this favour afterward , for now everything is kept on tabs.

As things stood, even Hilma, whose wealth was beyond comparison to Philip’s, was still a commoner and had to bow before authority. Perhaps that was the rationale why she was trying so hard to become acquainted to a noble like Philip by supporting his faction on all fronts.

This is what separates the strong from the weak during this world – the difference in status.

Still, he owed her an enormous favour for all of her efforts.

As a gentleman who held himself in charge of his debts, Philips hoped to enhance his social standing as soon as possible. Hilma should even be expecting him to get authority above the rank of baron at the very least.

Then he’d need to repay his dues.

If those favours weren’t repaid as soon as possible, he would be stuck making concessions, having to get permission even for things he personally wanted to try to to .

To have the liberty to try to to whatever he wanted and therefore the right to use his powers as he sees fit, those were Philip’s dreams.


“Why is nothing going my way!”

He could longer hold in his true feelings. Philip surveyed his surroundings. This bar wasn’t a daily peasants’ bar. Hilma had converted one among her mansions into a bar so crude noise had no place in it. So although his voice wasn’t too loud to start with, if there have been someone around they probably would’ve heard him.

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