Diseases increase due to lack of contact between Your family members

Psychologistsemphasizing strengthening the connection between parents and kids has said that psychological diseases increase because of lack of contact between relations .

The fifth international conference was organized on the earth Health Day organized by the Advocate Educational Institute and research center , psychiatrists involved within the conference emphasizing strengthening the connection between parents and kids , saying that relations it is vital to require care of a spread of contacts and consultations. If relationships, contacts, and communication among relations are good, it are often kept away from psychological illnesses.

Dr. Shoaib Naeemi, Dr. Sonia Siddiqui, Dr. Asma Mukti, Dr. Zafar Iqbal Abbasi, Salman Raja, Dr. Faizan Mirza, Dr. Nasir Raza, included within the panel under the Advanced Educational Institute and research center at Pakistan Medical Association House Addressing the fifth International Conference on Expressions of Media Media, Agha Khan University, Siciko Physology, The Science Bridge, CPRDC, Department of Sports and Affairs, N Sindhja N Sindh et al. , Conference on CEO ( AIRICC) Dr Sadeef Ahmed, Psychologists, different universities Students and teachers also attended.

Psychologistsalso informed about the involvement of participants in personal, social and emotional problems within the sunshine of their knowledge and knowledge, psychologists involved within the panel said that we’ll find the patient’s psychological points before healing the disease. because of the reason for psychological or social therapy, then there are various kinds of mental stresses, the supplication of our country is that parents put mental pressure on children to undertake to to good work, every abroad Jobs are employed.

Experts emphasized on parents being educated and said that parents should examine the weakness of the child , examine the interest of the child , plan to highlight their talent, keep things in your mouth Share your parents. If there’s good communication and communication between relations , psychological diseases are often removed , difficult times come to every person, many folks call stress also depression, puppies should remember that the time they’re spending How important it’s , instead of dalliance on Internet and social media, children should spend time with relations , he said that Pakistan comes second in terms of youth populations within the planet .

Soph Ahmed, CEO of Advocate Education Institute and research center , said that the aim of this conference is to form conscious awareness about the health of the people, such programs should be at the national level.

Apart from this, the students who attended the conference also appreciated the administration, at the highest of the conference, wonderful children’s performances were presented on the stage by special children, also organized unique activities for participants to urge out of mental stress and strain What the participants expressed their thoughts and feelings.
Arabic – shukran (shoe-kran)

Chinese – xie xie (she-eh she-eh)

Croatian – hvala (HVAH-lah)

Danish – tak (tahg)

Dutch – dank u (dahnk oo)

Finnish – kiitos (key-toss)

French – merci (MEHR-see)

German – danke (dahn-kah)

Greek – efharisto (ef-hah-rees-TOH)

Hawaiian – mahalo (ma-HA-lo)

Indonesian – terima kasih (Tur-EE-mah KAH-see)

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